Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green Flash Brewing Co. - Double Stout

It's a cold and rainy day in Raleigh, which immediately put me in the mood for something dark. Funny, considering how just last week the warm weather had me struggling to make the transition from summery IPAs to heartier autumn seasonals.

I stopped in to East Wake Wines where Ken, the owner, always seems to know which beer I'll want to try next. I asked him what was new, and he instinctively skipped over his newest Oktoberfests (fear not, I grabbed two on the way out) and steered me directly to Green Flash Double Stout.

Green Flash is a San Diego craft brewery in operation since 2003. Double Stout is a 2010 World Beer Cup silver medalist.

 8.8% ABV

No surprises here. When the label says Double Stout black ale, you know what to expect, and this beer delivers. It's completely opaque and black and is capped with a dense, suede-like,  mocha colored head.

It has a rich, sweet aroma. Coffee and dusty, dark chocolate notes are most prominent. 

Taste & Feel 
Well, damn, this beer has a big, bold taste. It starts off with a dark, robust espresso flavor and an underlying chocolatey sweetness. An aggressive mouthfeel and coating, full body add to the strong character. The finish is dry and heavily roasty.

Quite pleasing. Ken rarely ever steers me wrong. However, I'm torn between wanting to take big, flavorful gulps and slowly sipping and savoring  it. I guess that's why I always buy two.

I'd give this a solid A-.

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