Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bell's Brewery - Christmas Ale

Christmas Ale is a winter seasonal from Michigan's Bell's Brewery. Bell's touts it as a sessionable holiday beer designed to contrast against spiced winter ales. 

5.5% ABV

The deep copper color and hazy appearance give Bell's Christmas Ale a warm, welcoming glow. It's loaded with ultrafine carbonation, which feeds into a thin, off-white head.

The aroma is filled with lightly toasted malt notes. Spicy hops offset sweet autumn fruit  and toffee scents.

Taste & Feel 
This is a dry, light-bodied ale. The carbonation is rather aggressive up front and, although it fades, never really disappears. Flavors include apple, nuts and toffee. The hops add just enough balance and a bit of spiciness before leaving a nutty finish. 

Flavorful, but easy to drink. It drinks well on it's own, but isn't so bold that it can't be paired with a meal or a dessert. I can definitely see exactly what Bell's was trying to achieve. Worth a try.

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