Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Divide Brewing Co. - Yeti Imperial Stout

We've had an extremely mild winter here in NC (in fact, I was wearing shorts yesterday), but today a wintery cold front has moved in and it's threatening to snow for the first time this season. Seems appropriate, then, that I'm breaking out a beer with a particularly wintry name. 

Yeti is probably Great Divide's best-known beer, and part of the Denver brewery's year-round offering. Great Divide's website describes the imperial stout as "an onslaught of the senses."

Sounds baddass; let's give her a try.

9.5% ABV

Yeti looks bold. It pours thick, black and opaque. It is capped with a super-thick, mocha milkshake head. A thing of beauty.

Yeti has a big, roasted aroma, with bittersweet dark chocolate notes.  It's balanced by an earthy, peaty scent and just a hint of dried black cherry.

Taste & Feel
Yeti boasts an exceptional balance of creamy mouthfeel and bold flavor. Sweet toffee notes up front, followed by a healthy kick of earthy hops, strong espresso malt and a touch of fruit. It has a dry finish, with a heavy coffee aftertaste.

Onslaught is an understatement. This beer boasts a bold, yet nicely balanced aroma and flavor. You must put this in your face.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Holland Brewing Co. - Envious (2011)

While shopping my local Total Wine, I stumbled upon this primarily because of the shiny purple foil on the packaging.

Envious is part of New Holland's Cellar Series. It is a fruit ale that is brewed with pears and aged in oak and raspberries. This is the 2011 vintage.
7.5% ABV

Envious is dark brown ale with a warm, ruby glow. It appears to be very well carbonated, with a very thin cream head that quickly fades. 
This is a very aromatic brew. The brandy-like aroma hit me hard as soon as I poured it. Notable scents include raspberry, plum and an oaky whiskey.

Taste & Feel 
An effervescent burst of carbonation leads off before any taste sinks in. The flavor is loaded with sweet, sticky malts. Dark fruits are prominent, especially raspberries and prunes. Is is medium bodied with a tingly mouthfeel that offers up touch of warm booziness. The finish has a touch of dusty, dark chocolate. Very desserty.

Pretty good. Not as smooth and well-blended as it could be, but still a solid B beer. This is a decent beer to sip with a rich dessert.