Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Divide Brewing Co. - Yeti Imperial Stout

We've had an extremely mild winter here in NC (in fact, I was wearing shorts yesterday), but today a wintery cold front has moved in and it's threatening to snow for the first time this season. Seems appropriate, then, that I'm breaking out a beer with a particularly wintry name. 

Yeti is probably Great Divide's best-known beer, and part of the Denver brewery's year-round offering. Great Divide's website describes the imperial stout as "an onslaught of the senses."

Sounds baddass; let's give her a try.

9.5% ABV

Yeti looks bold. It pours thick, black and opaque. It is capped with a super-thick, mocha milkshake head. A thing of beauty.

Yeti has a big, roasted aroma, with bittersweet dark chocolate notes.  It's balanced by an earthy, peaty scent and just a hint of dried black cherry.

Taste & Feel
Yeti boasts an exceptional balance of creamy mouthfeel and bold flavor. Sweet toffee notes up front, followed by a healthy kick of earthy hops, strong espresso malt and a touch of fruit. It has a dry finish, with a heavy coffee aftertaste.

Onslaught is an understatement. This beer boasts a bold, yet nicely balanced aroma and flavor. You must put this in your face.

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