Sunday, March 25, 2012

Southern Tier Brewing Co. - Oat

Oat imperial oatmeal stout is part of Southern Tier's limited-release imperials collection. A fall seasonal, it is released in August. Needless to say, I've been sitting on this particular bottle for a few months.

10.8% ABV

Dense, black, opaque. Capped with a creamy, tan head. Although thick, it quickly dissipated.

The aroma is lighter than I expected. Still, it's easy to make out the dark, roasted malt. Hint of a boozy burn and a touch of cocoa sweetness. 

Taste & Feel 
The flavor is much bolder than the aroma. Dark, sweet and robust. A sweet molasses, with a deep roasted coffee are prominent up front. It has a bit of an earthy, hoppy bite, coupled with a boozy burn. The finish is sticky, and has hints of black cherry flavor.   

Very good.

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