Saturday, September 1, 2012

Brewery Ommegang - Adoration Special Winter Ale (2011)

I've been aging this bottle since Christmas. Felt like the right time to pop it open. It's still hot outside, I biked my ass off today, and I needed a bit of winter, even if it was just a winter beer.

Adoration is a Belgian strong dark winter ale brewed with coriander, cardamom, mace, grains of paradise and sweet orange peel. It comes corked & caged in a 750 ml bottle. I'm enjoying the 2011 edition.

10% ABV

This beer has a glowing, translucent appearance and a warm ruby color. It is heavily carbonated and small, sparkling bubble feed into a thin, tan head.

The nose is rather enjoyable. It has a sweet, sticky malt aroma filled with spicy notes and plenty of citrus. I'd best describe it as candied fruit

Taste & Feel 
The first sip is rather aggressively carbonated up front. You'll soon feel an army of fine bubbles disperse to coat you mouth in a soft, velvety blanket.

The flavor is a balance of rich, honey malt and citrus hops. It's pretty spicy. Coriander stands out at first, followed by orange. Cardamom peeks through toward the finish.

Quite tasty. A classic Belgian ale with a spicy kick. Get some.

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