Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mikkeller 19

Mikkeller 19 is an American-style IPA brewed with 19 (surprise) varieties of hops. This is the first beer I've tried from the Danish brewery.

6.8% ABV

This is a nice looking IPA. It has a deep honey color and translucent appearance, giving it a warm, welcoming glow.  Significant carbonation is visible, feeding into dense, beige head.

19 has a light aroma, with evidence of a hops explosion waiting beneath the surface. Both citrus and pine hops are prominent, with some bready yeast notes.

Taste & Feel
The flavor of this medium-bodied IPA is dominated by grapefruit, start to finish. A big burst of carbonation leads off, then a bit of honey sweetness cuts into the citrus, making it very enjoyable. Then a dry, spicy hops finish kicks in.

An aggressive IPA, but not over-the-top. I'd highly recommend it.

Also, very cool packaging.

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